• eLearning Technical Support

    The Technology Department will provide technical support to all students, parents, faculty, and staff during an eLearning event.  Please see contact information below.

    How do I reach eLearning Technical Support?

    You can reach the support team by calling 843-493-9213 or by email at support@fsd2.org*.   Please note the preferred method of contact is email.

    What kinds of problems will eLearning Support be able to assist me with?

    We will do our best to provide support for any technical issues related to the use of FCSD2 devices to complete eLearning assignments.  The district is limited in our ability to provide support for home internet access or WiFi networks.

    When will this support be available?

    Support personnel will be available to assist  between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. during eLearning events. 

    *Please note, this email address will only be available during the eLearning events.

    Tech Tips

    Set your Google Drive to be available offline*


    *Note you will need to have an internet connection to set this up.

Last Modified on March 17, 2020