Florence County School District 2

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Coordinated School Health Advisory Council (CSHAC)

The Student Health and Fitness Act of 2005 requires that each school district establish and maintain a Coordinated School Health Advisory Council (CSHAC) to assess, plan, implement, and monitor district and school health policies and programs, including the development of a district wellness policy.
CSHAC meets on a regular basis during the school year.  CSHAC permits participation by the public and the school community including parents, students, representatives of school food authority, physical education teachers, community health professionals, the school board, and school administrators.
Both schools have a local coordinated school health committee comprised of physical education, health education, and classroom teachers, food services managers, health services personnel, guidance personnel, families, administrators, and community members to plan, implement and improve nutrition and physical activity in the school environment in accordance with the district wellness policy.