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Florence County School District 2

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Medical Homebound

Pursuant to South Carolina’s Regulation 43-241, homebound instruction is available for students who cannot attend school, regardless of any or all accommodations provided, due to accident, illness, or pregnancy.  Homebound services are intended to provide academic assistance for students experiencing a medical crisis until the student is able to return to school.  This service is appropriate for short term intervention and should not be viewed as a long-term replacement for regular school attendance.  The goal is to help the student successfully return to school as soon as possible.

A physician, a nurse practitioner (in compliance with the requirements of the Nurse Practice Act), or a physician assistant (in compliance with the requirements of Article 7 of the Medical Practice Act) must certify that the student is unable to attend school, but may profit from instruction given in the home or hospital. Any student participating in a program of medical homebound instruction or hospitalized instruction must be approved by the district superintendent or his or her designee. 


Medical Homebound Instruction: A Guide for Parents and School Districts