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Hannah-Pamplico High School 2023 SAT Results

Hannah-Pamplico High School 2023 SAT Results


PAMPLICO, S.C. -- Florence County School District 2 and Hannah-Pamplico High School proudly announce that the Class of 2023 achieved significant improvements on the SAT, according to the 2023 SAT Annual Report released by the College Board. This annual report reflects the achievements of students expected to graduate in the 2022-23 school year, with results based on each student's latest SAT score, regardless of the number of times they took the test. 

Hannah-Pamplico High School’s 2023 seniors achieved a mean score of 1034 on the SAT, surpassing the national average (1003) by 31 points and the state average (1020) by 14 points. These seniors also attained the highest 2023 mean score among all Florence County high schools. 

Dr. Carol Hill, Principal of Hannah-Pamplico High School, commented, “These SAT scores indicate what students do for themselves when we set high expectations. Our seniors have benefited academically from their own hard work, rigorous academic classes offered at Hannah-Pamplico High School, and dual-credit options offered through The Continuum. We are proud of our seniors and of the partnerships that offer them opportunities to excel.”

Hannah-Pamplico High School 2023 seniors scored an average of 541 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) section and an average of 493 on the SAT math section. 

The mean SAT score for Hannah-Pamplico seniors in 2022 was 931, with approximately 40% of seniors taking the test during high school. The percentage tested remained consistent between 2022 and 2023.