Biometric Scanning for FSD2

Florence School District Two Biometric Scanning


The students enjoyed this new technology being implemented during senior registration. 


Florence School District Two is using the latest technology in identification system to protect your son or daughter's identity. This new form of identification uses the finger and its characteristics to uniquely identify each person. The system DOES NOT CREATE NOR DOES IT STORE ANY FINGERPRINTS. This form of identification is called Biometrics, which translated, means measurements of human characteristics. THIS IS NOT FINGERPRINTING.

The finger is initially scanned and measurements are calculated. Then a numeric value that represents these measurements are places in a database. Again, NO FINGERPRINT IS STORED for any of the students. There is no way to reverse the process and use the numeric values stored to create a fingerprint. Without the finger being placed on the reader, these unique numeric values are unable to be used. These measurements are random and unique to each Biometric reading.

Once this system is implemented the student is in complete control of their own identity. Their identity can only be identified by placing their finger on the reader. This dramatically protects them from losing their ID number or sharing that number with other students. This also streamlines activities such as lunch lines, library book checkout, textbook checkout, rapid identification in the event of an emergency and much more.